Our First Two Months in a Camper

Many people were shocked when we decided to live in a camper.  It came as a surprise to me, too; even though some people might say it was my idea.  I don’t know where to begin to explain how it happened, so I’ll tell you how it’s been, instead.

Two months ago, we sold our house and moved into this Keystone Cougar travel trailer.  (How do they choose names for things like this?  It doesn’t remind me of a cougar at all.)

Observations about camper life in no particular order:

  1. Cleaning a camper is much faster than cleaning a house.
  2. Guests are always curious about the toilet.
  3. Homeschooling books take up a lot of space.
  4. It is much harder to prepare a balanced meal in a camper.  The burners are small, the refrigerator is small, and cooking really heats up the space.  On the plus side, you can’t keep many dishes so it doesn’t take much time to wash them!
  5. Men are big.  Camper spaces are small.
  6. It might be a camper, but master bedroom doors should still lock.  Just a thought, Mr. Fox.
  7. (Side note:  You should definitely read My Lucky Day if you don’t understand the above reference.)
  8. Food storage is a thing of the past.  It’s taking some getting used to.  I’m really looking forward to hitting the farmer’s markets when we get to the states.
  9. People think you’ve lost your mind when they find out you live in a camper.  They ask a million questions.  “Where are you going?  How long are you going to do that?  Is everything okay?  What about your future?”  They want to know all the details, and they are not impressed by words like ‘adventure,’ or phrases like, “We don’t know.”  If you really want to see them squirm, mention God.  As in, “wherever God leads us.”  They want to hear your plans, to critique them, and approve them.  And give suggestions of their own.  They feel cheated when you don’t give them any information.
  10. Everything shakes when somebody moves.  Sometimes it feels like we’re on a boat.

That’s all for now.  I’m not sure how interesting this is to most of you, but I know my Uncle Pat will enjoy it, so these pictures are for him.

5 thoughts on “Our First Two Months in a Camper”

  1. Wow! I had no idea you were making such a big move. If you’re happy with moving into a camper, then I’m happy for you. It looks very nice too. Just wondering though if there’s enough room for me when I come visit.
    Love you, sweetheart!

  2. If you are coming to the lower states, come for a visit. We would love to see you & family. ‘Calorie Cabbage’

  3. Hi!
    This is Grumps Bob!
    Thought you already were in the states! Do you mean the lower 48? LOL
    How big IS your new fifth wheel? Looks brand new! COOL!
    Bet the kids are adjusting to it better than you! Heh heh!
    SO! All the questions as you mentioned and a bunch more!
    BUT… spose I’ll hear them several month late through the grape vine as usual!
    Enjoy your new abode / casa, and hope to see you all again one of these years!
    Specially me g-kids! (I prolly wont recognize them any more) except for your most recent pix!
    Take care now and y’all stay healthy!
    Give hugz to all and drive / tow safely!
    Say hi to the Yukon and BC and parts unknown to me?
    Love Grumps!

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