Mystery Host Party Ends Tonight!

Cinderella party

Ever wonder what happens at an H2O at Home party?  Conversations, cleaning, education, inspiration, and fun!  You might wonder how a cleaning party can be fun.  How can it not be fun to get a group of friends together and watch them clean parts of your house?  Haha!

There’s nothing like an in-home party with real, live people.  But for those of you who don’t live near me, Facebook parties are a great option!  They’re a great way to connect with friends all over the country, share the products, and get some free and discounted goodies.  Speaking of Facebook, have you liked my page yet?  I also have a customer group where you can learn about sales and giveaways and see before-and-after photos from many of my friends.  You should join the fun!

Some of you will never have a party, and that’s okay.  Seriously.  We can still be friends.  In fact, I like to reward all of my customers- even those who will never have a party of their own.  One way that I do that is by having Mystery Host parties.  That’s where I collect several orders and enter them into one party.  Then I take the host rewards for that party and award them to one of the people who ordered.  It’s one of the many fun things I love about my job!  Watch last night’s Mystery Host Party and tell me what you think.  Order here by tonight for your chance to win the rewards!

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