Join H2O at Home in August 2018!

It’s an exciting time to become an Advisor with H2O at Home! Check out the brand new business kit!


Begin your new adventure for only $109!

Just days after you enroll, you will receive your BOX! Included in the box: MORE THAN $400 worth of products and business supplies (catalogs, order forms, fliers… enough supplies for your first 4 parties.) And by doing those parties, you will earn more great products for FREE!

The products included are some of our most popular items, and the kit is all that you need to get started! With these products, you are ready to go! The kit is a $400+ value for only $109. What product are you most excited about in this kit?


img_8734When you sign up with H2O at Home, you can earn lots of free products in your first 60 days! SIGN UP IN AUGUST, AND YOU GET AN EXTRA 10 DAYS FOR EACH STEP!

The Fast Start program consists of FOUR incentives that H2O at Home offers for new Advisors, giving you an opportunity to earn even more FREE products and business reward credit in your first 60 days with the company. This program is extremely attainable for everyone! We want to REWARD you for having a strong start! Check out what you can earn with this fantastic program!

Fast Start 1: $69 value

Fast Start 2: $123 value

Fast Start 3: $185 value

Fast Start 4: $100 for each recruit

That’s a total of $377 in products you can get for free! Plus $100 to spend on business tools with EACH new Advisor you sponsor!

Start your business in August and get EVEN MORE rewards as the hostess of your parties!

Your first two parties are called your LAUNCH PARTIES. We’re going to LAUNCH your business off to a great start! You’re going to be the hostess AND the Advisor! So you’re going to earn ALL the commission PLUS all of the hostess benefits! SHOPPING SPREE! 😊

1- Book your launch party dates.

2- Order your kit.

3- Share the products with your friends and family! They’ll be thankful you did, you’ll all have fun, and you’ll be off to a great start with your new business!

And how much do you have to sell to stay active? Just $500 every 3 months. That’s EASY! You can do it with one average party.

img_9494H2O at Home offers every Advisor the opportunity to earn a tropical vacation each May! Join now and you could earn an all-expenses-paid trip to Punta Cana in 2019! With your first party, you will begin earning points toward the company incentive trip in the Dominican Republic! Can you imagine? Warm, sunny, sandy paradise…

Need another great reason to sign up now? The holidays will be here before you know it. Stock up on all your favorite products for yourself, and as gifts for friends and family. Give the gift of a safe and natural clean!

You might be thinking, “Wow, Mary! That all sounds so great, but I’m just not really a salesperson.”

So I will tell you- THAT IS WONDERFUL! You see, I know there is a stereotype about people in direct sales. We all dread the woman who won’t take no for an answer and makes us feel bad when we don’t want to buy anything! We want to run when we see her coming!

So when you tell me that you’re not like that- I rejoice! I don’t want that woman on my team! Nobody likes that woman!

I’ll tell you the type of woman I want on my team: I want a woman who will see her customers as friends instead of dollar signs. A woman who will encourage all of the guests at a party, not just the ones who have money to spend. A woman who is kind, compassionate, and honest.

I’ll be honest with you. The money is nice. It really is. But relationships matter more. I’m not going to sell my integrity for a paycheck, and I wouldn’t want you to do so, either.

I don’t think of myself as a salesperson. I’m in the relationship business. I get to meet other women and encourage them. We have fun together. The fact that I get paid for it is a bonus!

I’d love to answer all of your questions and get you started! Contact me today!


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