It’s a Great, Big Giveaway!

I’m giving away over $150 in prizes on Monday night! Join me on Facebook and see why everyone loves H2O at Home! I’ll show you some of my favorite products for fall. 🍂


🍁 1 ticket: Join this event.

🍁 5 tickets: Host an August party.

🍁 1 ticket: Share this event with your friends.

🍁 5 tickets: Book a September party.

🍁 1 ticket for every $10 purchased in August.

🍁 5 tickets: Join my team.

🍁 5 tickets: Join my Christmas Club.

CLICK 👇🏽HERE👇🏽and JOIN the event!

No purchase is necessary to win. You can watch the event just so you can make fun of my gray hair!

I was kidding. Don’t make fun of me. I’ll cry. And it will be a live video…

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