H20 at Home Showstoppers

Here’s a quick teaser for those of you who have not tried H20 at Home products.  You want to use safe, natural cleaning products in your home, but it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start!  I’ll help you!  These are the products that you just can’t miss:

  • Cleaning Clay – The Cleaning Clay is H20 at Home’s #1 product in the United States.  Why?  Because it’s AMAZING!  Use it on ceramic, pots, pans, glass, sinks, stovetops, ovens, shower doors, grout, walls, and much more!  It will replace 90% of your conventional cleaning products.  With clay, coconut oil, and lemon essential oil, it is gentle on your hands, yet tough on stains.  It is 100% natural, food-safe, and biodegradable.

See my Cleaning Clay Album here!

  • Netepur–  This bar will blow your mind!  Use it to easily remove stains from your clothing, furniture, car upholstery, and carpets.  It is perfect for grease, grass, coffee, chocolate, wine, berries, oils, and other stains.  It even works on pet stains!  Netepur is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

  • All-Purpose Glove–  With just water, this uniquely-designed, microfiber glove will be your new secret weapon in the war on stains and dirt!  It is rugged, absorbant, and it will not snag.  Use it inside to clean carpet stains, furniture, blinds, door jambs, and screens.  Use it outside to clean pools, fences, stucco, siding, patio furniture, decks, and more!  The glove can be used with the Netepur to remove the most stubborn stains.

See my Netepur and All-Purpose Glove Album.

  • Chiffonnette Variety Kit–  What comes to your mind when you think of microfiber?  If you’ve never tried these Chiffonnettes, you’re in for a happy surprise!  These revolutionary microfibers are unlike any you’ve tried before.  The thin fibers lift and trap dirt, allowing you to clean 90% of your surfaces using only water!  The Variety Kit includes three types of Chiffonnettes (Heavy Duty, Essential Multi-Surface, and Precision Glass) for 3 types of jobs:  scrubbing, trapping, and polishing.

These showstoppers can be purchased individually, but if you want to try them all in one shot, consider purchasing the Indispensable set or the Complete Care set.  They both include the above products, along with other fantastic items.

And remember, when you host a qualifying party, you will receive FREE and DISCOUNTED products.  It’s the best way get the items on your wishlist, and go natural in your home!  There are several fun ways to party- Facebook, in your home, or a catalog party.  We can even do a fundraiser for your favorite cause, team, or group.  Send me a message for details!

Have you used any of these products? Which ones are your favorites?

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