Do You Hate Direct Sales?

I did.

A friend who rarely talks to you invites you to her party. “Just come hang out. You don’t have to buy anything,” she says reassuringly. But you know better than that. She wants you to buy something. Of course, you’ll still be friends if you don’t.

You want to support her, but you don’t need anymore kitchen gadgets. You don’t like that type of makeup. Leggings? Ha! You’ll never be caught in leggings! I probably don’t need to mention the saccharine-sweet, pushy saleslady who won’t take no for an answer.

You secretly hope your kid has a fever that night so you have a valid excuse not to attend.

Personally, I always pulled the husband card. “I’ll have to see what my husband is doing.” I already knew what he wasn’t doing. He wasn’t staying home with the kids so I could go to a party where I felt obligated to buy something I didn’t need.

When my friend, Carla, told me about H2O at Home, I ignored her. Politely, of course. I just didn’t want to give her any suggestion that I would ever be interested. She told me the products would fit right in line with my preferences for natural living. “No, thanks,” I told her. “I make my own everything. I don’t trust anyone else’s idea of safe.” It was true. I made my own soap, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, and lotion. And I cleaned with vinegar and Castile soap. I didn’t need anything else. Count me out.

Then she brought her broom to my house. She told me she wanted me to see how it worked on my floors. I was skeptical, but I didn’t want to be rude. As I thought of how to let her down gently, I grabbed the broom and started sweeping.

WHAT?! I gasped. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe how the rubber bristles grabbed all of the dirt off of my floor! Dog hair- instead of flying up in the air, only to settle back down again when I was finished, it stayed low to the ground and became a neat, little pile.


Yes, I made my own cleaners, but I couldn’t make my own broom!

So I told Carla that I would buy a broom from her party. I wouldn’t actually go to her party, but I would order. She was happy. I was happy. The end.

Haha! You knew that wasn’t the end. The night of her party came and she called me in a panic. “Dude! Nobody is coming to my party! The lady who sells it is making an exception for me and driving all the way out here, but nobody is coming! Will you do me a favor and just come for a minute so she hasn’t wasted her time?”

So I agreed. I’d show up long enough to order the broom, but that was it. Ten minutes, tops.

When I arrived, I was, indeed, the only guest. I told the Advisor she didn’t have to do her demonstration for my sake, because I wasn’t staying or interested.

While I was filling out my order form for the broom, she and Carla started playing with the products. I pretended to be too busy to listen. I did a good job of being indifferent…right until they used the cleaning clay to clean old Sharpie marker scribbles right off of a door!

“Okay, fine,” I said, “Show me everything!”

So, yeah. I might have fallen in love with the products, but I still hated the idea of direct sales, but my wishlist was about $900 long. I decided to sign up as an Advisor so I could get everything I wanted as cheaply as I could. After all, between the business kit and the free stuff I could get with the Fast Start incentives, I could get $700 worth of products for only $99! Plus, the host rewards during my launch parties! Yes, I’d have to have a few parties, but I decided to do it, anyway. Then I’d quit, of course.

I got outside of my comfort zone and I had some parties. I got to hang out with other women, and help them find natural solutions to their cleaning struggles. I was actually making money. People continued booking parties, I was having fun, and I heard through the grapevine that my husband was bragging about me to his friends.

I love being an Advisor with H2O at Home!

Yes, there is a stereotype about people in direct sales. But that’s not what I was experiencing in my business. I love meeting new people and building friendships. I love the encouragement, support, and personal attention from the leaders within the company. As for being pushy, that is not my personality at all, and I won’t do it. And it’s okay. People appreciate getting the real me. It works. I thought I hated direct sales, but I was wrong.

What about you? What has been your experience with direct sellers?

See the broom in action!

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